What is a hybrid mattress?

A hybrid mattress is smart in that it is constructed with an innerspring coil that supports the core and combines this feature with the comfort offered by memory foam mattresses and/or latex. The foam provides a luxurious feeling while the individual springs effortlessly to support the body. This mattress brings the best of both worlds together, a sleeping surface that acts as a body supporting structure while relieving pressure. When combined, the mattress offers an irresistible sleeping surface each night. In fact, they are among the most popular mattress types bought.

What Are The Components Of A Hybrid Mattress?

A hybrid mattress constitutes of the support core, comfort layer, transition layer, and cover.

(i). Support Core

Innerspring coils are the support core of Hybrid Mattresses. This layer is usually 6 to 8 inches tall and found at the bottom of the mattress. The support core of most hybrids come with coils that are specially designed to compress with little to no influence from other coils. These are called foam-encased, individually wrapped, or pocketed coils. This coil maintains a bouncy feeling and offers a higher degree of responsiveness and minimize motion transfer. The purpose of the support core is to provide a sturdy base that assists in driving the overall performance of the mattress. It gives the mattress structural integrity, guards against excessive sagging, and contributes to the overall comfort of the bed.

(ii). Transition Layer

This layer is found between the comfort system and the support core and serves as the go-between in augmenting the performance of both. It’s usually made from polyfoam that’s firmer and denser than the comfort layer. This layer reduces the pressure put on the support core to assist in extending its lifespan.

(iii). Comfort System

When lying down on a mattress, the comfort system is the first thing you’ll encounter. It consists of top layers of materials arranged to promote a certain level of contouring and firmness. For hybrids, the primary materials used are latex and memory foam.

(iv). Cover

This is the final component of a hybrid mattress. The cover can either be polyester, wool, cotton, or rayon are popular selections due to their softness and ability to remain cool and wick moisture throughout the night.

Choosing The Best Hybrid Mattress

Selecting the right hybrid mattress for you is not a decision to be taken lightly. You need to consider an array of factors before narrowing down to a particular mattress. When it comes down to it, the hybrid’s quality will be dependent on its components. Because of their intricate construction, foam, latex, and coils are all factors to be considered.
They can be evaluated using the following criteria:


This is used for measuring the supportiveness of the base foam and memory foam. Density can be referred to as the amount of compression a mattress can withstand while providing support to the sleeper. Density categorizes foams in three grades that include low (conventional), medium (HD), and high (HR). The low-grade memory foam will provide decent contouring and isolation and will regain its original shape very fast. High-grade memory foam offers great contouring and motion isolation – however, recovery will take longer. Medium-grade provides a balance between the two. High-density foams are more conforming and are durable.

*Indentation Load Deflection (ILD)

ILD is used for gauging the firmness of your mattress. It refers to the compression amount required for making a four-inch indentation on the mattress’ top surface. A high ILD rating means that the mattress is more firm. Low ILD latex and the memory foam conforms closely to your body but with a sinking effect that may be uncomfortable. But at the end of the day, the firmness level of the hybrid mattress you select will depend on your sleeping habits and body weight.


This refers to the pocketed coils thickness that’s expressed in a numeral form representing different widths. The high the gauge number is, the thinner the measurement will be. The majority of  hybrid mattresses have a gauge ranging from 12 (thickness) to 18 (thinnest). Hybrids use pocketed coils, which are the highest-gauge utilized in innerspring support cores. Pocketed coils typically gauge between 14 and 18.

Support cores having low-gauge pocketed coils have a longer lifespan and offer stability. Other hybrid mattresses have zoned support systems. The lower-gauge coils are leveraged in mattress areas supporting heavy body parts of the sleeper like the shoulders or beneath the hips. Thinner and high-gauge coils, on the other hand, offer support to lighter body parts like the legs and head.

*Coil Count

This refers to the total number of coils in a mattress. It affects the feel of a mattress and how long it will last. Pocketed coil support cores usually have a coil count ranging from 800 to 1200. The coil count can be utilized in assessing the contouring abilities and estimated lifespan of a mattress.

Benefits Of A Hybrid Mattress

1.Comfy of Hybrid Mattresses

Hybrids are popular, given how they have top comfort foam layers that offer contouring support. You will feel like you are getting hugged as you sleep. Equipped with pocket-coil springs, it creates a weightless feeling that has a soothing effect on most people. It will be like sleeping on the clouds or in a five-star hotel, but you’ll be right at home.

2.Bouncy and Resilient of Hybrid Mattresses

A hybrid mattress has a coil support core that offers bounciness similar to innerspring but excluding noise and motion transfer issues. The bounce effect makes changing sleeping positions easy and provides the perfect surface for sexual activity.

3. Breezy and Breathable

One significant issue surrounding Memory foam mattresses is how they can get steamy. They offer a cool sleeping environment because of the innerspring core breathability. Compared to traditional memory foam, innerspring coils transfer heat 28 percent better If you are a hot sleeper, you should consider going for the Gel memory foam mattresses.

4. Versatile

If you get a standard spring mattress or pure foam mattress, there’s only so much you can work with. However, with a hybrid mattress, you will find the perfect mattress suited for you. You can choose any combination of layers and foam to guarantee maximum support and comfort. There’s a wide selection of varying hybrid thickness, softness, and firmness. So if you feel like something isn’t working out, remember you can always get you are looking for with hybrid.

5. Provide Excellent Edge Support

So what exactly is edge support? This can be defined as the structural integrity surrounding a mattress’ perimeter. Hybrid Mattresses provide excellent edge support because of a robust structural spring system. The springs are reinforced along with the innerspring support core and generally increase the surface area you have to sleep comfortably and toss around.

6. Motion Isolation

A contouring comfort system assists in insulating motion. The pocketed coils in hybrids assist in reducing disruptive motion transfer when sleeping. The individually wrapped springs isolate any motion or sinking where weight is applied.

Why Choose Our Hybrid Mattresses?

Along with our affordable and high-quality products, our clients enjoy the following perks by being in business with us.

– Temperature Sensitivity.

The space found between every spring assists in promoting airflow and assists in keeping people cool during the nighttime. Even in hot and humid nights, you’ll discover your temperature is better regulated. The memory foam mattress wicks away excess moisture and heat, assisting in maintaining a hygienic space.

– 100 Night Trial.

We understand that the mattress you choose to rest your head on is a big decision. So we don’t corner you into a non-returnable purchase transaction. Instead, we give you a while to sleep on it to see whether it’s the right fit or not. If it isn’t working out, you can return for a refund or exchange with minimal hassle.

– Price Guarantee and warranty.

– Free Delivery.

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